We facilitate learning through the use of the UK curriculum which is founded on a set range of subjects and achievement standards for primary and secondary school children. This makes sure that children are learning the same things, at the same pace, and assessed by the same standards. It gives a solid foundation for learning and clear standards that pupils have the potential to achieve in each subject.

We combine the UK curriculum within local and regional contexts, allowing pupils to develop an international understanding and become knowledgeable global citizens. Please see below for a full breakdown of key stages and how they are applied at Brighton International.

The UK curriculum

How the UK curriculum works

The UK curriculum is arranged in blocks of years called ‘key stages’, with each key stage ending with a formal assessment of a learner’s progress. There are four key stages, starting with two early years blocks for children aged 3-5 that prepare children for the educational environment. Elements of play, focussing on communication work and encouraging co-operation with peers within an intellectually stimulating environment, are the primary focus of these years.

Benefits of the UK curriculum

The UK curriculum is internationally recognised and taught around the world. Frequent assessments at the end of each key stage allows teachers to understand where pupils need more support, and evidences where a pupil’s strengths are. As a result, the learning process can be tailored to ensure that each child has the opportunity to reach their full potential.

The UK curriculum provides both breadth and depth of learning. With a wide range of subjects, from arts and humanities, to English and Maths, children are exposed to a variety of subjects that will enrich their world view. Children are encouraged to explore these topics, being invited into open conversation with each other, in order to develop confident opinions. Curiosity is nurtured, enabling a journey of self-discovery and rich, well-rounded knowledge in all topics.

Overall, this is more than a timetable of topics; it is a powerful vehicle for developing independent views, enabling the art of healthy debate, and discovering personal interests which will become the foundation of future careers and skills.

The Khmer curriculum

As a government-registered institution, we follow the National Curriculum designed by the Cambodian Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports (MoEYS). Our Khmer curriculum spans grades 1 – 6 (pupils aged 6 – 12).

Khmer Language’ classes are provided within our Early Years programme (pupils aged 2 – 5). This develops our pupil’s knowledge of the Khmer language and culture. From our experience, we find that this supports a pupil’s transition into the Khmer education system easier should they choose to continue in the future.

If you have any questions about the curriculum at Brighton and how we can support your family, please get in touch.