Our Founder

Christopher Bell (1954 – 2015) was as passionate about Cambodia as he was about providing high-quality education for children. His intention was to establish a school which would enrich communities, and create a learning environment that would allow children to reach their full potential. Adding to an existing portfolio of successful international schools throughout Malaysia, Brighton International School, Cambodia, opened its doors for the first time in April 2015.

Sadly, Christopher Bell passed away in October 2015 after only six months of his vision becoming a reality. However, his two sons - Adam and David - continued Christopher’s legacy. In tribute to their father, the brothers decided to transform the school into a not-for-profit social enterprise to benefit the community it serves.

The school has continuously evolved in order to meet the needs of learners, parents, staff, and communities. Despite the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic, the school continued to thrive, demonstrating the resilience of its staff and its importance to the local community.

In June 2020, the school moved to Boeng Tumpun to continue to benefit the families that trust Brighton International to deliver a high-quality education. Now situated only 15 minutes south of the Russian market, it boasts a larger outdoor space which strengthens holistic learning.

As Christopher envisioned in 2015, the school seeks to provide educational excellence and foster an environment where children are able to reach their full potential. The community remains a source of inspiration and a pivotal driving focus for its continued success.

If you are passionate about supporting children on their educational journey, join our team and get involved!